Your Home Needs Suntex

Phifer Suntex is the blue ribbon standard for energy efficient sunscreening. Woven from tough, vinyl-coated polyester, its uniform weave gives you superior outward visibility and excellent ventilation while still providing privacy and energy efficiency.

  • Block up to 90% of sun’s rays
  • Reduce glare from sunlight
  • Protect furniture and flooring from sun rot and fading
  • Help you save on energy bills
  • Give you privacy during the day
  • Let in breezes and filtered light
  • Keep insects out
  • Resist damage from pets
  • Resist molds and mildew with Microban technology
  • Match your home beautifully with five color options
  • Provide excellent benefits while being a low-VOC and lead-free product

How It Works
Without adequate screening, harsh sunlight shines at full-force through your windows. The light not only fades your furniture and shines in your eyes, but it also makes your home’s interior hotter. Traditional fiberglass screening cannot shield you home from the sun effectively. Suntex’s reflective and heat-absorbing fibers are designed to block, reflect, and dissipate between 80% and 90% of the sun’s rays. Your home stays cooler and more comfortable all year round.

A Solid Investment
Outside temperatures in Arizona can reach a blistering 120 degrees. With windows accounting for up to 22% of home energy loss, having a gauntlet of attractive, functional window treatments between the outside and interior of your home is crucial for your comfort and for lowering your energy bills. Suntex is a superior first line of defense against heat transfer. It is durable enough to last for years and will even resist damage from pets, making it an ideal choice for doors and full-length panels.

Screening in Style
Suntex is available in five neutral shades that blend into any home style and color scheme without sacrificing visibility. It is also mold and mildew-resistant, and it is easy to clean with nothing but soap and water. Suntex sunscreens for Phoenix, AZ homes are a stylish, practical, and affordable answer to privacy and energy efficiency.

Made in the USA, Installed by Local Specialists
Suntex is manufactured right here in the USA by an eco-conscious company. Window Pro is proud to offer Suntex products to our customers, combining premium products with our premier installation know-how. You will be happy, comfy, and saving money in utter satisfaction.